G Clef by Gina Heideman

Seven Ways You Could Help

1) Online Donations

We need and appreciate your generous support!

Donations are quick & convenient and may have tax benefits.

2) Prize sponsorships ($100 or more)

3) Honorable mention prizes

• Classical or Jazz Music CD's
• Educational DVDs, etc
• Keyboard(s) - Acoustic or Digital and Accessories
• Music Software
• Piano Music or Books on Music (especially those consistent with the philosophy of the festival)
• Audio Equipment - stereo system, speakers, etc.

4) Be a volunteer

• Would you be available to help as a monitor at the Festival?
• Can you help with publicity?
• Could you shuttle contestants to their hotel(s)?
• Could you help provide food and/or drink?
• Are you a photographer / videographer?
• Do you have creative ideas or special skills that could help?
• Other?

5) Encourage future donations by patronizing our business supporters.

6) Be a matching donor (annual pledge of $1500)

Our initial goal is to double the prize amounts and help foster a more creative approach to pianism everywhere.

7) Be a masthead donor

Have your name associated with the most unique and innovative piano competition in the world. If you are a generous and visionary soul who likes how your individual or corporate name would look here:

"The [Donor name here] Festival for Creative Pianists"

Then we'd love to hear from you!

Who is the "masthead" donor?

1) A benefactor who contributes $750,000 to permanently endow this festival. This would secure permanent "masthead" status.

2) A provisional benefactor who contributes $40,000 annually for a minimum of three to five years.

Contact: Dr. Houle